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Gina Deschênes is a Canadian born independent Dental Hygienist working under the name of DentaClean.  Gina became a Swiss citizen in October 2013 and has been a member of Swiss Dental Hygienists for over 25 years.

Five years ago DentaClean opened a new practice in Düdingen (FR) which has been equipped with state of the art equipment designed specifically for a Dental Hygiene. Situated in the IGZ 2000 industrial estate, the practice is only 1 minute from the A12 motorway. There is adequate free parking. The practice is only 9 minutes by foot from the train station.

For the practice we have invested in the latest Swiss multifunctional stand-alone ultrasonic scaler,  which uses the Piezon ® “No Pain” technology.

Please Note: DentaClean is open one Saturday per month!


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Industrie- und Gewerbezentrum 2000
3186 Düdingen

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Monday – Friday
08.00 – 18.00 (or by demand)
plus one Saturday per month!

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From Fribourg on the A12: Take the Düdingen Exit and then the first right past the Shell/VW garage, after Lidl take the next right. Then 300m further, follow the signpost to Balbertswil and the “Industrie- und Gewerbezentrum 2000”. The practice is 200m further on the left.

From Berne on the A12: Take the Düdingen Exit and then immediately right. At the roundabout turn right. Climb the hill for 150m and turn left after the small row of shops on the left. Follow the road downhill and round to the left and keep going. At the T junction turn right and the practice is 100m on the left.

Free parking is available     parking

By foot:

The practice is just 10 minutes’ walk from the train station in Düdingen. Take the underpass walking NE away from Düdingen and follow the signs for the Bonncenter. Turn right just after the Freie Evangelische Gemeinde and follow the road through the Industrial zone.

Our Philosopy

DentaClean’s motto is “respect your body”! The first step along this route should be your teeth and gums. A confident smile and fresh smelling breath always gives a good impression. Let’s face facts, impressions, first or otherwise, count.

Regular cleaning will not only improve your confidence but will also improve your own long term health. Many scientific studies have shown a direct link between healthy gums and a healthy heart. Furthermore, good nutritional advice will not only protect your teeth but will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle.

We are happy to welcome any smokers thinking of stopping and will give all the motivation necessary to stop. We also offer comprehensive cancer screening.

Following on with our philosophy of “respect your body”, we do not offer teeth bleaching. All bleaching treatments, no matter how mild, will lead to significant and long term loss of tooth enamel and subsequently more cavities. Bleaching also increases the risk of hot and cold sensitivity.

DentaClean believe in all things “BIO” and also support some forms of alternative medicine such as kinesiology. Be assured, we are not here for your money; we genuinely want to improve the quality of your life.



CO Test

Respiratory test to measure carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, odorless gas that is released during the burning of tobacco and during the combustion of any carbon-containing substance. It is inhaled in significant amounts when smoking, and its hemoglobin binding of red blood cells is about 325 times stronger than that of oxygen. CO reduces the oxygen absorption capacity. This results in a decrease in the oxygen supply of the organs.

It takes 10 to 12 hours in an atmosphere without CO to allow the majority of inhaled CO to expire. In the blood of the regular smoker, the CO concentration is permanently elevated during the day, because the periods of abstinence are too short to allow the expiration of all the CO.

A breath test is used to determine the level of carbon monoxide. Smokers are often unable to estimate how deep they inhale smoke. CO measurement is used to determine the intensity with which a person smokes and inhales the smoke.

Of worthy note is the measurement of the CO after the cannabis consumption: it gives values ​​approximately 5 times higher than those measured with a cigarette. This difference is explained by a deeper aspiration and breath held longer during cannabis use.

Advice and measurement: DentaClean, Gina Deschênes, Düdingen

Good to know . .

Boissons sucrée

Soft Drinks and Tooth Erosion

We now consume 3 times more soft drinks than twenty years ago. Consumers of sports and energy drinks also fall into this category. Unfortunately, most people do not know that soft drinks contain high acidity that attacks the teeth and causes dental erosion.


1. What is dental erosion?

There are the acids in foods and soft drinks or from the stomach that cause dental erosion. Such acids soften the tooth enamel. At first, this often goes unnoticed because it is painless. At an advanced stage, when the enamel has eroded further, the base of the teeth becomes bare and often causes sharp pain when exposed to hot and cold. If erosion already exists, brushing your teeth can further aggravate the problem. Regular inspections can detect this erosion and suitable advice max be offered.

tooth erosion

What should be done to prevent erosion?

The most effective prevention is to consume sugary drinks as little as possible. It is important to rinse your mouth with water or milk to eliminate most acids. This will help to protect the enamel. The longer the acid remains in the mouth, the more harmful the impact. Another tip is to drink with a straw.
Finishing a meal with cheese helps to rebalance the pH of saliva. Indeed, the calcium in dairy products has a protective role on teeth.


2. Child caries is making a comebackrotten tooth

Why put sugar in a drink for infants? So called “baby bottle” tooth decay is rapid and destructive especially as the enamel of primary teeth is much more delicate. During sleep, the protective effect of saliva against acids is reduced. It is crucial therefore, to avoid giving toddlers a sweetened bottle at bedtime, or even worse, all day long. At night, only give your child water or milk to drink!

When it comes to treating “baby bottle” cavities, young children do not understand the situation and often refuse to cooperate. Thus, the use of general anaesthesia becomes unavoidable. A real problem, especially when the treatment lasts longer!


3. Prevention starts in the cradletooth brush

To prevent tooth decay, it is important to introduce your child to oral hygiene as soon as possible, i.e. from the first tooth. Until the age of eight or nine years, parents should carefully brush their children’s teeth at least once a day, so that all dental surfaces are cleaned. Alas, after a hard day at work, checking that your children’s teeth are properly brushed, so easily falls by the wayside!


Treatments & Price

For your first visit, the time is estimated at one hour.

A regular monitoring of your oral hygiene (teeth and gums), descaling and polishing is estimated at 45 minutes.

Additional time is billed in steps of 5 minutes.  Our rates are aligned according to the Association of Swiss Dental Hygienists, i.e. CHF 3.10 per point.

We offer the following oral hygiene services:

  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Instruction & Motivation
  • X-Rays (Lausanne only)
  • Cavity Prevention
  • Polishing & Stain Removal
  • Nutritional Consulting
  • Examination of the mucous membranes
  • Desensitizing Teeth
  • Fissure sealing Swarovski
  • Tooth jewellery with genuine Swarovski Crystals

NB: we do not offer teeth bleaching. All bleaching treatments, no matter how mild, will lead to significant and long term loss of tooth enamel and subsequently more caries. Bleaching also increases the risk of hot and cold sensitivity and significantly raises the risk of gum cancer.

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